The Best Thing That Happened To Me Today

This morning, Hope had an appointment with her pediatrician.  The Civee took Hope to the office and I met both of them there.

(For those interested, she’s growing well and the pediatrician was impressed with her expanding set of motor skills.  We were advised to start investing in gates).

As I was saying, I took some time off from work to accompany the girls to the doctor’s.  The Civee and Hope got there first.  As I walked in, I saw The Civee holding Hope and filling out paperwork.  While The Civee’s nose was buried in the paperwork, Hope looked up, saw me and smiled.  She made a noise and reached her arms out to me before The Civee even noticed.

There are still a few hours left in the day, but there’s not much that will beat that.

Also, this weekend, we (along with Grandma) took Hope to the beach (Lake Erie, not the ocean, unfortunately).  She really enjoyed trying to crawl on the sand.  Because she’s teething, she wears a bib most of the time.  That isn’t a cape around her neck.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Thing That Happened To Me Today

  1. Look at this beautiful baby! Tommy (yes, people, only I am allowed to call him that) I think it is so sweet how you noticed that she reached for you. So many of us (men and women alike) take that love for granted. Love to you all. xoxo, nene

  2. Thomas, what a beautiful story, you must be the happiest dad on earth, as well u should be, thank you so much for sharing
    love your favorite wicked step mother

  3. She’s so adorable! I think her noise was probably more of a laugh saying hey who’s this tall, goofy looking guy entering the room!

    I love all of your pictures and stories, keep them coming, and if she liked Lake Erie I think a trip to one of Florida’s many beaches is in order… or better yet Long Beach Island!!

    Miss you all xoxox

  4. Babe (Only I can call Thomas that because he will always be my babe!) this is just the start of all the wonderful things she will do and all the wonderful feelings she will make you have. And if she thinks it is a cape and not a bib, let her – it can be anything she wants it to be!!!
    Hugs and kisses and all that jazz, Mom/Grandma
    P.S. I miss you’ll already!

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