Staten Island, Home of the Turkeys

A few years ago, the makers of Grand Theft Auto said the fourth chapter of their game franchise would be set in a city that looked like New York.  True enough, GTA IV featured a pretty faithful re-creation of New York City, with the exception of Staten Island.  Rockstar Games said they would not include the forgotten borough because “it would not be fun to play there.”

As I’ve pointed out before, exciting things do happen on Staten Island.  The Island is home to the fourth-largest boardwalk in the world, the (now defunct) world’s largest garbage dump and the ninja burglar.  And now, just in time for Thanksgiving, a pack of wild turkeys now roams the Island:

The flock, numbering around a 100 birds, starting forming about a decade ago when a woman released a small number of the birds.

The birds cause major traffic headaches, according to residents.

Fox 5 saw one turkey playing chicken with a car.

Back when I lived on the Island, South Beach had a bunch of arcades and small-time amusement parks.  I leave and exciting things happen.

Supposedly, they can’t get rid of these turkeys because they’re a protected species.  I can offer a simple solution–the turkey cannon:

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