Baby Bigfoot

For the past three or four weeks, we’ve had a situation similar to a Bigfoot sighting around our house.

Hope has been walking.  But only when the cameras were off.  If I had the camera on, she would either just sit there or crawl around. I spent a lot of time sitting around and playing with her with one hand on the camera waiting for her to walk, while she would do anything else.

But yesterday, I finally got my video proof:

The fall into the Ottoman didn’t hurt.  She’s actually started to walk up to things, rather than walk to a few steps away and fall the rest of the way.

Because of the cold weather, The Civee and I spent most of the day inside yesterday, organizing and babyproofing.  We put up a few gates and I think we have a system that will work.  But it’s only a matter of time before Hope figures out how to climb.

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