Bumper Stickers Don’t Last Forever

On the way home from work today, I was driving for quite some time behind an old Volvo.  And when I say old, I mean one of those Volvos that passed the 500,000 mile mark back during the 90s.

I’m guessing this car had had quite a few owners, because in addition to its age, there were a number of bumper stickers that were obviously covering up other bumper stickers.  And a few of these top-layer bumper stickers were peeling away, revealing the stickers the car proudly displayed during a previous regime.

One of these peeled-away top layer stickers had one of those “Know Justice, Know Peace”-style sayings.  But the middle was torn away and what was beneath it was visible.  The lower sticker looked somewhat familiar, and it wasn’t until I was stopped at a light that I was close enough to see what the mystery sticker once was-it was a Weezer bumper sticker.  It was just the band’s name, but not in the traditional Weezer font.

At first, I wondered why someone would ever want to cover up a Weezer bumper sticker.  But then I thought maybe the power of rock was too powerful for whatever sticker attempted to cover it up.

Either way, it was the fifth time I’ve seen a car (that wasn’t mine) sporting a Weezer bumper sticker.

I’ve had four cars and three of them have had Weezer stickers (or window decals).  My first car, an ’87 Buick Century Limited, was my aunt’s car that was handed down to me.  It didn’t have any bumper stickers or other decorations for two reasons- I wasn’t sure the car would last much longer and when I got the car, Weezer was inactive and band bumper stickers (and other merchandise) was hard to come by.

The Limited lasted me until aught-three.  The first car I bought, a Mitsubishi Mirage had a Weezer bumper sticker, not to mention a Trogdor the Burninator bumper sticker and a WOXY window decal.  The two cars I’ve (or, more accurately, We’ve) had since then have had identical Weezer window decals.

Other than that though, I don’t have much of a desire to adorn my car.  I wouldn’t want to put something on there that at sometime in the future, I’d have to remove or clumsily cover up with another sticker.  Seeing the Volvo made me realized that bumper stickers don’t last forever, but sometimes they last longer than you want them to.

Oh, and also, don’t doubt the power of the Weezer logo.

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3 thoughts on “Bumper Stickers Don’t Last Forever

  1. Haha Cool blog! Im in search of a Weezer window decal that I can remove but no such luck. I guess Ill have to settle for a sticker and hope the next owner likes Weezer too!

  2. Ahh yes! Thats where I ended up getting it. I bought a really big one but I ended up not being able to see through my back window so i got a smaller one. Thanks!!

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