Hope and the Animals

When I last wrote about Hope, she was sick.

Since then, both The Civee and I caught whatever it was she had.  It wasn’t pleasant.  But here we are, almost two weeks later, and all three of us are doing better.  It’s been a long two weeks and I have a feeling that it felt even longer for Hope.  But she’s feeling and looking better:

Because it was so nice out and because all three of us are doing better, we decided to go to the zoo.  Hope’s grandparents got her a zoo membership for her birthday and she was nice enough to take us with her for the first trip to the zoo.

I think we could have walked through the whole zoo and Hope would have been happy without even seeing any animals.  The place was crowded and Hope loves to people watch.  But the animals we did see were an added bonus.  One of the first stops at the Columbus zoo is a barn and petting area filled with goats.  After making our way through the barn, Hope and I walked around the petting area.  She walked up to a sleeping goat and wasn’t afraid to pet it.

The goat eventually woke up, but that didn’t phase Hope at all.  She could have spent a lot more time with the goat, but there were other animals to see.  Hope also saw a tiger, polar bears, an elephant and a flock of flamingos (and some goat-like mammal named the “something-horn” that I forgot the name of).  Hope had a real good time.  We didn’t try to hit every part of the zoo because we figure we have time to go back and visit.  I never thought I’d be the type of person with a zoo membership, but now that I have one, I have to take advantage of it, for Hope’s sake, of course.

And because I’ve gotten some complaints from the grandparental units that there haven’t been enough videos lately, here’s Hope this morning:

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