Keep a Cool Head

Is it me, or did it get humid overnight?

The period between late March and late June is my favorite time of year.  And in Ohio, I’ve come to get used to the nonstop three (or so) weeks of rain we get in late April.  In Columbus, it’s been rainy the past few weeks, but it just feels super humid all of a sudden.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind because the heat isn’t here yet.  Actually, at home, we’ve had the windows open the past few days and it’s quite nice.

On the other hand, at work, it’s not so nice.  I work in what passes for a skyscraper downtown and for the past few months, they’ve been updating the heating and air conditioning systems (my office is on the floor below the works, so I can tell when they’re working).  Yesterday and today, it seemed even more humid inside the building than outside.  Well, it wasn’t all in my head.  Turns out part of the system upgrade didn’t take, so the air conditioning wasn’t working.  And all day Monday and today, it felt like I was constantly in need of a shower.

We got an e-mail saying they figured out the problem, will blast the a/c overnight to clear out the indoor humidity and then have it back to normal levels for tomorrow.  I’m guessing that I’ll need to bring along a jacket or sweater (or maybe both) because I expect the system to be cranked up and stay that way through the weekend.  If only I was able to move my computer and any meetings outside, then I wouldn’t mind any humidity.

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