The Aspiring Farmer’s Almanac

Last year, for our first spring/summer in our new house, I planted some beets and peppers in our backyard.  Despite planting the seeds late in the season (I think I planted the beets in late May and the peppers in mid-June), by fall, we had a number of good beets and small, if not decent-sized peppers.

Well this year, I’m slowly expanding the backyard garden.  I’ve bought beet and pepper seeds, and have decided to try out artichokes.  Even though artichokes usually are grown in California, the seed packet says they can be grown (and will even come back for a second year) in Ohio.

It’s been pretty rainy and cold lately, so I haven’t planted anything outside yet.  I did have a small pot and just enough dirt to start something inside, so I started some of the artichoke seeds.

I put those in the pot maybe two and a half weeks ago.  I hope the weather clears so I can plant these, as well as some beet and pepper seeds soon.

I know I can do peppers and beets.  It would be great if the artichokes work out.  Although I should mention that I may not be the only one eating the beets when it’s harvesting time.  Last weekend, Hope had some beets and went crazy (in a good way) over them.  It’s a good thing I know a few ways to cook them.

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