Hope Likes Loud Noises

Up until a few weeks ago, whenever The Civee or I would have to vacuum, we’d wait until Hope was asleep, because we didn’t want her freaking out over the noise.

Well, one day, there was a cereal emergency (or some other type of food) and we needed to run the vacuum with Hope around.  I held her while The Civee vacuumed.  Predictably, Hope started crying.  But not because the vacuum scared her.  She was going crazy because this machine was making this loud noise and she couldn’t be near it.  So I put her down, and she slowly walked up to the vacuum and knelt by it, trying to figure it out.

Now, house cleaning is somewhat easier- we can vacuum with her around, even if she tries to re-direct where its going.

But we shouldn’t have been surprised- Hope likes loud noises.  Not a plane, car or firetruck can go by outside without Hope getting excited (and because we live a block away from a fire station, we hear a lot of fire trucks).

A while back, Hope’s grandma got her one of those Fisher Price popcorn poppers that every kid seems to have.  Hope is still learning how to use it, but I think she likes having something of her own that makes noise.

Here’s Hope with both the real vacuum and her popcorn popper (warning: you may want to turn your speakers down for the first half, the vacuum is a little noisy):

As I’ve hinted at, Hope also likes to make loud noises. My favorite is the one that goes DA-DA.

An additional note for the grandparents: just because she likes loud noises doesn’t mean that Hope needs more toys or other items that make loud noises.  She’s quite capable of seeking them out on her own.

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  1. I just want to point out that your note says nothing about her aunt not getting her anything that makes loud noises 🙂

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