We Have to Go Back

A few months ago, I wrote that it was about time for another season of Lost to start up.

Of course, the show ended a year ago, so that new season wasn’t happening.  And today marks the year anniversary of the finale, which I recently re-watched.  My reaction to the finale was pretty much the same as it was when I was re-watching the whole series in December- I didn’t expect any more answers, so it was fun to concentrate on the characters and their journeys.

Lost managed to combine great characters with intriguing mysteries and a mythology that one could get (excuse the term) lost in.  I don’t think I could get as wrapped up in another show as much as I was with Lost, and I’m not exactly looking to.

Since Lost ended, we got a nice little epilogue, a Weezer CD named after one of the main characters and a tease of a new show starring Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson.  But the show’s creators and producers have moved on to other things, and there won’t be a season seven.  Even though every single question may not have been answered, I’m fine with that.  Most of the characters (pretty much everyone except for Michael) got a happy ending and enough of the questions were answered to make the whole thing not seem like a waste.

Even though there’s no future for Lost, I’m glad I have my DVDs and can go back and watch anytime.

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