My Outdoor Workshop

This afternoon, I was painting a few spots here and there outside.  I had some paint left over and The Civee suggested I use it to paint one of a set of tables we’ve had for a while.  The tables are very functional, but we’ve been talking since almost the day we got them about painting them white.

So I took one of the tables into our side yard and painted it on the grass.  There was a problem when I got to the bottom of the table legs: I wouldn’t be able to paint them.  Fortunately, we have some old stumps (that I believe are on our property) that I put to good use:

(and that’s the first time I’ve ever used the word “fortunately” when referring to one of those stumps).  Not only did the stump help with the painting, but it also helped the table dry out (or so I think).

All three of us spent a lot of time outside this weekend.  Most of the time was spent doing work (like painting and gardening), but we also had some fun- last night, we ate dinner outside with The Civee’s parents.  As an added bonus, we’re about a mile away from Crew Stadium, which was hosting a music festival this weekend (Rock on the Range-  not exactly my definition of rock), and we could hear some of the songs and the crowds throughout the weekend.

Despite the concert, it was great to spend time outside in the sun.  We’re getting a fence soon, which is something The Civee and I are looking forward to.  But Hope’s looking forward to something different.  All she wants is for these strawberries to ripen:

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  1. Glad you guys have been having fun outside! Love the new picture of hope, send some sunshine this way please 🙂

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