The Hope Containment System is Complete

The Civee and I finally have a fence, and we’re glad. We need all the help we can get to keep Hope in one place.

A few days ago, the guys finished the backyard fence and overall, The Civee and I (and Hope) are happy with it.  It really does feel like we have more room in the backyard.  I was surprised by the amount of grass that was wiped out by the fence and its construction.  Although, I am glad that I waited until after the fence was finished to mow.  Last week, the lawn was looking a little overgrown.  But now that we have the fence, it’s not so bad.

The fence is somewhat L-shaped so we have a parking spot in the back.  There’s more than enough room for the grill, the artichoke and beet garden, the herb garden and for Hope to run around.  She was a bit confused by the fence at first, but has been enjoying walking around and collecting rocks.

As for The Civee and I, we like the feeling of having our backyard to ourselves.  And the strong smell of cedar makes it feel like we’re away at a cabin or something, rather than in the middle of Awesometown.

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