Mister King Tom, Put Up This Wall

This was the backyard this afternoon:

No, I’m not trying to build the Dharmaville Security System in my backyard.  We’re getting a fence (thanks to King Classic) and the first step (well, for the installers) was putting in the posts.  They showed up early this morning (at 7:15) and worked through a pretty rough thunderstorm (and this was after they told us they wouldn’t be able to make it yesterday because of some rain we never got).  They’ll be back sometime Thursday to install the walls.

I don’t know if you can tell, but the fence is  going to be L-shaped to give us a parking spot.  I was standing in the middle of the yard, and surprisingly, it feels like we have more room in the backyard than before the posts were installed. I hope it still feels that way once the walls are up.

The professionals started today, but work on the fence has been going on for a while.  Along the west side and the back, the fence hugs the property line.  We had to remove a lot of weeds and some small trees from the back.  And sadly, my outdoor workshop is no more.  The two stumps between us and the house to the west were just within the property line.    Despite my best efforts with an axe and a small chainsaw, I could not remove the stumps (un-stump? de-stump?) by myself.  But thankfully, The Civee’s father and brother, who actually has a chainsaw (and knows how to use it) were able to help us de-stump.

The Civee and I are looking forward to Thursday.  It will be nice to have a more private backyard and a place where we can just let Hope run wild.  As long as she doesn’t run over the beets or artichokes.

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