Bandwidth Hogging

On Saturday, it will have been three weeks since I got my new phone. One of the reasons I got it at this point was Verizon’s (then) impending switch to bandwidth caps for new customers. I signed up under the old plan and have an unlimited data plan.

I checked my usage today and I’m up to 1.8 GB of data used. The Incredible 2 is not one of those fancy 4G phones (and so far, I haven’t felt like I’m missing anything) so I’m not exactly streaming Netflix on it, but I am watching the occasional YouTube video, downloading a Weezer song here and there and listening to some online radio. Actually, listening to the radio is what’s been using most of that bandwidth.

Even if I have a lot of my own music on the phone, it still is entertaining to listen to something different. Back in college, I had one of the original versions of Real player and would listen to stations from around the world. Now, it’s pretty much the same thing, except through my phone.

Overall it’s nice to have something to get my money’s worth out of my data plan.

If you read this and you’re thinking, “it sounds like he’s writing this just to blog about something,” well, you’re mostly right.

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