Fußball Schadenfreude

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t care much for any level of football.  My feeling for the sport has evolved from apathy to distaste.  Which is kind of tough for me considering I’m one of the handful of people in my city who doesn’t pay attention to the local college team.

Growing up, I disliked football because the start of games meant that summer was nearing an end, as was baseball season (the Yankees didn’t have real postseason prospects until my junior year of high school) and it was time to go back to school.  And sure, now that I’m older (and the Yankees have gotten better), baseball season lasts longer and there’s more for me to do in the fall, yet I still don’t care much for the game.

Last week, someone mentioned that high school teams resumed practice recently and all I could feel was “oh great, here we go again.”  But then I realized that two factors might make this fall bearable: the labor issues in professional football, which may endanger the start of the season, and the corruption involving the college team, which will hamper how they do next season.  (I don’t pay much attention to news involving football, so I apologize if my news is wrong or out-of-date).

I’m sure that either of these two factors might make the fall miserable for some.  And for that, well, I’m kinda sorry.  But honestly, I don’t care.  I plan on watching baseball until late October (or early November, because the baseball season is nearly as long as the basketball season) and after that, I have a bunch of Yankees DVDs to keep me occupied until Spring Training.

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