Before the Spill

Hope is getting a lot better at doing things (well, some things) on her own.

Lately, she’s been working on drinking from a cup.  She’s finally got the two-hands thing down. And even though she spilled a little tonight, she now knows to slowly tilt the cup towards her, rather than just dumping the whole thing.


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3 thoughts on “Before the Spill

  1. What a beautiful smile…it goes all the way up to her beautiful eyes! Looks like she is enjoying what ever she has in that cup…white zin?!!!!

  2. “It’s all working according to my master plan!”(Maniacal laughter in Hope’s thoughts.). “They think I am growing more and more coordinated with my movements and therefore less messy! They also think my vocabulary is expanding such that I’ll be able to let loose the lyrics to Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Very Model of a Modern Major General” in another month or so … but only I know what it’s all really leading toward! Little do my unsuspecting parents know that I will shortly hit that magical threshold and age of reversion and undoing! I will then be able to throw my food with the accuracy of “The Jeter”… and seem to have but only one word in my vocabulary, the parent-destructing, “NO!”. It’s coming and they can’t stop me! I’ll be … TWO!!!”. (Hope cackles with glee in her thoughts.)

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