Hope’s Favorite Night? Ribs Night

So far, Hope has been really good with food.  There have been only a few things she doesn’t like, including eggs, ketchup and barbecue sauce.  Hope will even refuse to eat Montgomery Inn sauce, which to The Civee, is like a knife through the heart, as every Cincinnatians blood is 1/16th Montgomery Inn sauce.

But we can now scratch barbecue sauce off the list of things Hope won’t eat.  Tonight, we were having ribs (along with corn and green beans) and before we knew it, Hope was dominating the ribs.  Midway through the meal, we got gutsy and offered her some barbecue sauce.  She tried it, her face lit up, and all she wanted was more sauce.

I should probably mention that I made the sauce.

I’ve made ribs several times over the past few summers.  Each time, I also made my own sauce.  While always good, each time before tonight, something was off.  Whether the sauce was too watery or the ribs the wrong consistency, I was never fully happy with the result.  Until tonight.  The sauce was perfect (despite me having to make a vinegar substitution) and even though they were a little charred on the outside, the meat on the ribs fell off the bone.  And, as I mentioned, Hope loved them.

I started cooking the ribs around 4:00 and we ended up eating around 7:15.  Both The Civee and I think Hope had more of our ribs than we did.  Thankfully, even though we (with Hope’s assistance) polished off the ribs, there’s a lot more sauce left over.

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