My First Quake

Growing up on an island in the Atlantic, I was used to certain weather patterns. Cold (but not too cold) winters, hot (but not too hot) summers and springs/falls of a decent length. Just about the only type of severe weather we would get was hurricanes. A tornado hit the island once, but I missed it as I was away on summer vacation.

I moved to Ohio 11 years ago and things are different.  Tornadoes are a seasonal thing.  There is no spring or fall, and I’ve complained several times before about the cold bleak winters.  But one thing I’ve never been subjected to in Ohio or out East was an earthquake.  Until today.

I was sitting in my office when I felt a rumble.  Because I’m up on the 17th floor, I thought it was the building settling or something. It wasn’t until my Tweet Deck started going crazy that I realized it may have been more than that (not to mention clicking on #earthquake froze up my Tweet Deck for an hour or so).

I’m not saying I’d want to go through another one, because I wouldn’t.  And I’m sure if I was closer, I would have felt a lot more than a rumble.  But at least I can say I survived my first earthquake.

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2 thoughts on “My First Quake

  1. Same here! My head started feeling dizzy and thought it was just me until my co-workers are started looking at each other to see if we were all feeling it. Then I looked at the blinds in the window and they were swaying back and fourth and the glass of water was dong the Jurassic Park thing. It was a weird sensation.

    I too thought it was some sort of building action but then we all went to Twitter to make sure we weren’t alone.

    And if science has any truth to it, someone in DC or Virginia could have tweeted about the earthquake and we read about it before we even feel it. If only I had been reading the #earthquake hashtag earlier!

    I think our survival is worthy of a t-shirt of some kind. “CBUS Quake 2011” or something.

  2. I think the t-shirt is a great idea. What floor are you on? Christina didn’t feel it at all, and I’m guessing that’s because she was on the ground floor of our house.

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