The Fool and The Fool Who Follows Him

This weekend we decided to go to a local community event.  It was in an area of Columbus I’m not too familiar with, so I Googled directions before we loaded into the car.

We got to the address where the event was being held, but no event.  Turns out the official address of the place is actually the back entrance, which was not open to traffic. We weren’t the only car there, as there was a car ahead of us and a few behind us who seemed as if they were looking to go to the event too.  There was a person giving out directions and after the previous vehicle (a black SUV) drove off, I stopped, rolled down my window and asked the person how to get to the event.

“Just follow that car,” she said, pointing to the black SUV.

I rolled up the window and proceeded to follow the black SUV.  I think she gave similar directions to at least two other cars, as I could see there was a convoy slowly forming behind me.

So we were the second car in the convoy, and I was trying to keep up with the black SUV as it turned on to a main street, went about a mile, then turned into a subdivision and wound its way through the maze of streets.  All of a sudden, the black SUV stopped and pulled into a random driveway and the driver got out and went in to the house.  I pulled off to the side about a block up and the cars behind us stopped short of the driveway.  I’m sure they did exactly what we did- consult their cell phones (or GPS units) to see what to do now.

Luckily, the main entrance was around the corner and another mile down the road. And we got there without any incident. But the next time someone tells me to just follow another car, I’m going to have a backup plan ready just in case.

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