No-Neck Visits the Optometrist

Well, it wasn’t laser surgery, but one of Hope’s favorite stuffed animals had some major eye work done.

Most of Hope’s stuffed animals have some type of eye trouble. They can’t help it. It’s not only how she gives affection, but also how she copes with teething.  Many of her stuffed animals have eyes that are plastic buttons sewn onto their faces. And Hope just loves to gnaw on their eyes. At first, the symptoms present as just some scratched up eyes. But in time, the fabric surrounding the eyes comes undone, leading to the eyes coming out of the head. Here’s Hope in action last week with No-Neck the stout giraffe:

The Civee and I decided poor No-Neck had enough. We took him out of service for a few days and The Civee sewed up his eye sockets. I’ve been told that this took some time to do. It seems to be working. Although there are a few other friends of Hope that need similar repairs done, and the problem is many of them have smaller (I’d say beady) eyes. At the same time, it’s probably worth it as we wouldn’t want her swallowing one of the small plastic eyes. And by the time the next stuffed animal is ready for some emergency eye surgery, it may even be my time to pick up the needle and thread.

I’m not going to say that Hope hasn’t noticed anything different. We think she’s going through a teething phase now and seems to be chewing on everything (or trying to). But new eyes or not, she’s still taking No-Neck everywhere she goes.

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