Phone Chuckin’

In a previous life, I used to work off-air at a TV news channel where our studio was also the newsroom. I was often in the background of many a live newscast. On one evening broadcast, a sports reporter was doing a voice over for that night’s live show. All of a sudden, his phone (or it may have been a pager) went off. As he was giving his voice over, he unclipped the phone from his belt, and in one motion, chucked it clear across the newsroom, where it shattered against a wall a few feet away from me.

My previous phone gave me plenty of reasons (mostly releated to its speed, or lack thereof) to chuck it across the room, although I never did.

I’ve had my new phone for three months and today came close (which is to say not really at all) to chucking it against a wall. I was at lunch, looking forward to the opportunity to view some websites and send some e-mail, when I took out my phone and saw it was downloading a forced update, rendering it unusable for five minutes. For a split second, I was frustrated by the timing. Then I thought about my old phone, which never had an update (as it was probably obsolete the day I bought it), and remembered the phone chucking story.

Then, when the phone finished updating, I wrote (or should I say am writing) this. Something else I couldn’t do on the old phone.

Although, now I’m tempted to dig out the old phone and find a brick wall when I get home.

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