The Naming Non-Game, Round II

With another child on the way, one of the things The Civee and I have been talking about a lot lately is names.

We’re not planning on finding out the baby’s sex, so we have to come up with two names. We’re pretty sure we have a girl’s name picked out (and no, I won’t share it). But just like last time, we can’t quite agree on a name for a boy. Unfortunately, most of the boys’ names I liked last time around are still on her “definitely not in a million years” list (I also have the same standards for choosing a boy’s name as I did back then).

Still, I’ve been trying to keep an open mind. I’ve been looking at some lists of names, and while nothing has jumped out to me as the perfect name, I’ve seen some possibilities. Many of the lists contain the rankings of the most popular names over the past few years. And while I may like some of the names, the fact that it’s one of the most popular names for boys makes me less likely to choose it.

One particular list, over at, had some interesting rankings. Take a look at names 24 and 25:

I’m not a huge fan of either name, but it has to be more of a coincidence that those two names are ranked back-to-back. Maybe I should add Jules or Mace to my list of contenders.

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