Netflix the Newest Part of Anti-Community Conspiracy

This morning, I got an e-mail from Netflix saying they received back from me a copy of Community Season One, disc one.

Normally (even with the lack of things to blog about), I wouldn’t write about this. But there’s a catch- Netflix shipped the DVD to me Thursday and I never received it.

I called Netflix and explained the problem. They said they would send me another copy, which I should expect Tuesday. That’s all well and good but, I was hoping to watch Community this weekend.

I don’t watch much current TV. Since Lost and 24 ended, the only shows I watch the night they air are Parks and Recreation and The Office (more out of commitment to what the show used to be than to what it is today).

I would include Community on that list, but because NBC prefers bland, middle of the road cliche sitcoms to groundbreaking comedies, Community is on hiatus. This is not the first time NBC has chosen to stupidly go this route (in essence, NBC is Britta-ing itself).

Community is a different show, with perhaps a more narrow appeal, yet I haven’t heard one person say they find the Whitney show funny. Nor have I seen any fan movement to keep the horrible Are You There Chelsea on the air.

So while these two shows waste timeslots and plunge NBC deeper in the ratings hole, new episodes of Community sit on the shelf (or are locked up in the secret government warehouse). And my plans to start watching the show from the very beginning are on hold until next week.

So while I wait, I’ll just keep watching this clip, which woke me up laughing a few nights after I saw it:

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