Lost: Moving On

Two years ago today, my biggest pre-Hope reason for blogging stopped: LOST aired its final episode.

I’m not trying to sound melodramatic, but since the last episode of Lost, television hasn’t been the same for me. There are some shows I am still really into (Community, Parks and Recreation), but I haven’t started watching a new hour-long drama in the last two years. It’s more interesting to me to go back and watch Lost than to get into something new. I’m not watching it all the time, I think I’ve only done a large-scale re-watch once since getting the complete season set.

Still, there’s nothing else that’s gripped me as much as Lost did. Not only that, but also that I have a kid now means I don’t spend as much time watching TV as I used to.

A lot has been said about the final episode- some people hated, some people thought it ended the series nicely. I have to say I thought it was a great end to the series (two years later and that hasn’t changed). There are a lot of questions that weren’t answered, but the characters came full circle.

I’ve joked before about wanting more Lost. And in a small way, part of me still does. But when I look at it, I think the show had a great run and ended at the right time.

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