Fingers to the Keyboard

For me, the toughest thing about blogging has been coming up with things to write about (and sometimes having the time to write them).

I write often for work, so it’s not like my writing muscles go unused. The other day I was presented with a (non-work, but not something I want to get into here) situation that really disappointed me. I decided rather than making something about it at the time, I would write an e-mail to the other people involved. I composed my thoughts, wrote a personal, yet factual e-mail and sent it. I was instantly relieved. I think if I look at writing from that viewpoint- an outlet, rather than something I feel I have to do, the ideas will come.

And yes, I know that I could always put up pictures of Hope and/or Luke. I would, but it’s tough when one of them doesn’t like to smile for pictures (it’s not the one you think it is!). But Hope and Luke content will he forthcoming.

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