No New Weezer Album? Say It Ain’t So Pat

It’s been roughly two years since Weezer released three albums in the span of a few months. Since then, the band has toured, released a few covers and held a cruise I heard was pretty cool.

The band’s plans for the foreseeable future include playing together and more shows, but no new album. As Baltimore’s City News reports from an interview with drummer Pat Wilson:

“No news,” says drummer Pat Wilson.

Even though we have had multi-year stretches without new songs before, it’s still frustrating each time. In early 2011, the band released a few clips of an interesting-sounding group of sea-themed songs. And they have a ton of unreleased material from their 20 years together as a band. But for some reason, they’re not in any rush to release anything new.

It’s going to be a long winter.

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