For those Lost fans who have been paying attention to such things, it’s been forecasted for a while that tonight’s episode, Expose, would not focus on the main characters or reveal any of the big mysteries of the island. While I was initially skeptical of tonight’s episode for potentially not following up on things like last week’s hour of awesomeness, tonight had enough tiny moments of awesomeness to qualify as a solid episode.

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The weekend

Went down to Cincinnati for the second half of the weekend. Caught the Riverfest fireworks shindig (well, the upper half of it anyway). For some reason, fireworks interest me more now than they did when I was a kid.

Three things:

1) Heard from my mother. Everyone’s okay. Every place, on the other hand, is a mess.

B) Like always, I tried avoiding tv news. But I had to watch a little. The levels of stupidity uttered on cable news continue to amuze me:

CNN Haircut: Chief Justice William Rhenquist died last night. We’ll bring you the latest developments in that story.

What “developments”? Last I checked, he was still dead.

“Developments” is always something that annoyed me from my time in news. It’s one of those words used when you don’t have anything new to say about a situation but still want to make it sound important.

3) Earlier this year, I attended a Star Wars convention. This is a pretty accurate representation of the experience. Click on the period at the end for more.

I was just made by the Prybesterian Church

Tonight, I went to see Star Wars, Episode III, Revenge of the Sith (or Backstroke of the West as it’s known in some circles).

I had nothing else really to do tonight and I figured there won’t be many more times that I can say a Star Wars movie is playing in the movie theaters, so I went (even though I succumbed to the same logic last month).

I really don’t have much to add to my original review, other than to say that I still like this movie.

Interesting thing though, there were about 25 or so people there. On a Tuesday night. In a real theater. To see Star Wars. So I don’t feel all guilty (not that I would regardless).

So that’s all I have to say about that.

My only other thing for today is actually related to work. For the past few months, I’ve been working on a project with another division to produce an information CD for customers. This was something that they came to us with back in May, saying it needed to be done the next day. Well, it’s three months later and they still don’t know what they’re doing with it.

Not only that, but they’re very confused about the whole concept as a whole. For instance, today, I received an e-mail which asked just the following:

“Does the link have the file attached”

That’s all it said.

I don’t know what they’re asking. Of course, you can link to something, but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to attach a file to a link.

Yes, I’m being picky. But I’ve had enough of their cluelessness and general lack of direction.