For those Lost fans who have been paying attention to such things, it’s been forecasted for a while that tonight’s episode, Expose, would not focus on the main characters or reveal any of the big mysteries of the island. While I was initially skeptical of tonight’s episode for potentially not following up on things like last week’s hour of awesomeness, tonight had enough tiny moments of awesomeness to qualify as a solid episode.

So we finally learn more about Nikki and Paulo, or as they’re better known, what’s-her-face, and gotta-take-a-dump-guy. We got maybe five minutes of their pre-island lives before seeing their time on the island explained in the context of what was going on for the main characters. That I liked. I was actually impressed by the scenes they blended together- the crash and the fight with Boone, because I couldn’t tell where one bit ended and the other began. Also, they finally tied up the Charlie-Sun-Sawyer tension from last year and had some comedic moments with the stylings of Sawyer and Hurley.

I can’t say this was an essential episode–it doesn’t change things, but it does bring a new way of looking at some things (mostly the discovery and use of the Pearl Hatch)–and that was nice to see.

Some other thoughts:

-Moment of Awesomeness #1: Billy Dee! He wasn’t three-quarters of the way drunk like the last time I saw him. Rather, he was in full , slimy double-crossing, no-good swindler mode.

-Evidence Nikki isn’t as smart as she appears: If she’s lecturing Paolo about not smoking to not leave evidence, why does she open the closet door, re-arrange things and open the safe without gloves?

-Loved Sawyer’s line about the crime lab hatch. I think he said what everyone was thinking.

-Moment of Awesomeness #2: Sawyer: “Jabronies

-Moment of Awesomeness #3: Jin: “Jab–roni-es?”

-It was nice seeing Arzt again. But kinda creepy watching him put the moves on Nikki.

-Moment of Awesomeness #4: Sawyer: “I’m gonna do a perimeter sweep.” Did he turn into Jack Bauer all of a sudden?

-So now that two characters have come up to him asking what will happen in the future, is Desmond officially the island freak show?

-So Ben and Juliet were in the Pearl. How did they get there- did they go down the ladder- or is there some other exit?

-I guess this proves Paolo didn’t wash his hands.

-Judging by the sounds that were made right before they appeared, I’m gonna have to say the spiders that bit Nikki were actually the monster. But I could be wrong.

Your thoughts?

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