On the Beat With Officers Ford and Straume

Perhaps the biggest surprise during the last season of Lost was the transformation of Island conman Sawyer into an authority figure.

It’s been quite a character journey for Sawyer, starting out as the guy who gave away snappy nicknames and pretended to hoard asthma medication to the guy who enforced the law for the DHARMA Initiative.  While still giving out snappy nicknames.

As the Oceanic Six returned to the 1977 version of the Island, Sawyer’s LaFleur’s carefully constructed lie of a life came crumbling down.  Sawyer had to cover for simple things like assimilating Jack, Hurley and Kate into the DI and much more complex ones, like figuring out how to save Sayid.  As events unfurled, Sawyer lost everything, including the love of his life, Juliet, who sacrificed herself to cap off Jack and Faraday’s plan to change the timeline.

Now, in Lost’s final season, Sawyer is back to being the resident Island conman.  With nothing but bad memories of his three years in the seventies, Sawyer wants off the island. Sawyer has no allegiance to anybody but himself and has made deals with both sides to get what he wants.

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Sundown At The Temple

Last week on Lost, after being told that Kate was the one who took her son Aaron, Crazy Claire promised that she’d kill Kate.

In tonight’s episode of Lost, Sundown, Kate admitted to Crazy Claire that she did take and raise Claire’s son as her own.  Crazy Claire glared and seethed from a hole in the ground in Kate’s general direction.  As everyone with a clue vacated the Temple before sundown, fLocke attacked and laid waste to the Temple inhabitants (saving two in particular for someone else).  Kate and Claire walked out of the Temple together following fLocke.  During last week’s promo for tonight’s episode, we were promised answers.  Here’s one question that I’d like answered in the wake of tonight’s Lost episode:

When will Claire kill Kate??

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