Male Bonding

So the people on the island are flashing forward and backwards through time.  The Oceanic 6 are stuck in 2007 (or 2008).  And I’m watching the show, wondering how an hour can feel like it passed by in 15 minutes.

Tonight’s episode of Lost, The Little Prince, didn’t have a lot of action, but it made up for that with answers and more riddles.  Most of this show seemed to be about groups of people doing things.  More specifically, groups of men.  Locke and Sawyer had their little bonding moment.  Sayid and Ben (and somewhat Jack, when he wasn’t trying to help Kate out) also spent some quality time together.  The most surprising thing in this episode was the transformation of Sawyer into Mr. Emotion.  

First he’s pining over Kate. Then he sees her, but can’t do anything about it. Then he has a heart to heart with Locke.  Then he shares a special moment with Juliet, is shot at, travels through time, and picks up where he left off.  Because he’s an everyman stuck on a journey with a scientist who specializes in time travel and a man of faith, I can actually sympathize with his point of view.  I just hope they don’t make him cry anytime soon.

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