Male Bonding

So the people on the island are flashing forward and backwards through time.  The Oceanic 6 are stuck in 2007 (or 2008).  And I’m watching the show, wondering how an hour can feel like it passed by in 15 minutes.

Tonight’s episode of Lost, The Little Prince, didn’t have a lot of action, but it made up for that with answers and more riddles.  Most of this show seemed to be about groups of people doing things.  More specifically, groups of men.  Locke and Sawyer had their little bonding moment.  Sayid and Ben (and somewhat Jack, when he wasn’t trying to help Kate out) also spent some quality time together.  The most surprising thing in this episode was the transformation of Sawyer into Mr. Emotion.  

First he’s pining over Kate. Then he sees her, but can’t do anything about it. Then he has a heart to heart with Locke.  Then he shares a special moment with Juliet, is shot at, travels through time, and picks up where he left off.  Because he’s an everyman stuck on a journey with a scientist who specializes in time travel and a man of faith, I can actually sympathize with his point of view.  I just hope they don’t make him cry anytime soon.

I wasn’t surprised to see that Ben was the one who hired the lawyer to scare Kate.  I was suprised to see that he also hired the lawyer to defend Hurley and assist Claire’s mother.  Either this ambulance chaser somehow fell backward into the Oceanic Six money pit, or he’s special, like Ben’s butcher friend.  

The other two surprising things tonight happened in the last few minutes–the shipwrecked French scientists and the piece of driftwood they found with Jin on top of it.  I’m glad Jin’s back, although I feel sorry for him, because unlike the rest of the Lostaways, he doesn’t know he’s travelling through time.  I have to admit when I first saw that piece of wood or whatever it was with someone laying on top of it, I thought it would have been the dude from Titanic.  

Speaking of which, it will be nice to finally get her backstory–even if they’re going to be flashing in and out of it all season.  At least Locke and Sawyer will have a clue as to who she is.  But poor Jin…I might have to hit Lostpedia up for this, but I can’t recall him ever hearing of or meeting Rousseau.

Some other things about tonight:

-Kate said two very stupid things in the first moments of the show:

-Something I’m trying to figure out: Alpert told Locke the Oceanic 6 are alive and okay, right? Well, how did he know?

-Why did Locke not want to go to the Hatch?  Did he not want to meet himself (meaning he believes in the Dr. Emmet L. Brown theory of time travel)?  Or did he not want to let the rest of the gang see him like that?

-Kind of building off that, during his little heart-to-heart with Sawyer, I don’t think Locke would have done that much different.  Sure, he wouldn’t have let Ben shoot him or have let Jack make contact with the freighter, but I get the feeling he’s where he wants to be.

-Daniel has joined Sun in the category of people that I don’t trust.

Once again, I’m eagerly awaiting next week.

What did you think?

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