Bidness Cards

Recently at my place of employment, we’ve had a lot of people moving around, changing departments and job titles.

My department, Public Affairs is in charge of getting new business cards for employees- and I was asked if I needed any new cards. I said I didn’t, but was still offered the chance to order some new cards- in case I wanted to change my title.

My title right now is “Public Affairs Coordinator,” which is an apt description of what I do. Technically, I’m classified as a Public Information Officer, but I don’t deal much (at all) with the media. After thinking about it, I declined to change my title. But I did spend a few minutes jotting some alternatives down. Some of which actually describe things I do.

-Pit Boss
-Philosopher King
-Verbiage Usage Coordinator
-Content Superintendent
-Carbon Mass
-O2 –> CO2 Conversion Coordinator (or H2O –> P Conversion coordinator)
-Conceptual Strategies Planner
-Columbus Traffic Patterns Analyst
-Snappy Banter
-Word Choice Critic
-Off-Site Hypertext Examiner
-If you only knew…
-Gets Things Done

The last one probably fits me best, but I doubt they’d let me use that. I really do like my job and what I do, but I’m fine staying as what I am now- I guess it helps me get more done that way.

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