You kids don’t know Grand Funk?!

So this weekend, I worked at the Ohio State Fair, manning a booth for my place of employment.

Believe it or not, working at the fair is actually fun. You get to meet the most interesting people. In the past, I’ve gotten people who want to know where the lottery booth is (right next to us, see the big “Ohio Lottery” sign), people who think my boss is going to be president, people who didn’t know my boss is black and one very special woman who’s dying husband’s last wish was go to to the free Grand Funk Railroad concert that night.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t get that many interesting people this weekend. No people attacking my place of employment for things that it doesn’t have anything to do with. No people trying to sell me alumining siding despite the fact that I’m trying to work. No people asking if they can use our computer to check their e-mail.

But still, it was fun. One letdown though: every time I go, on my way in, I have this plan to sample a wide variety of fair food. But Saturday was too damn hot to do anything outside. I got a corn dog and a lemonade, but other than that, it was approaching 100 and the last thing I wanted to do was walk around in the search for fried food.

And I still haven’t found the elusive Pancake-in-a-Tube.

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