Bud’s just a sucker with low self-esteem.

I’m not a fan of David Wells. Sure, he was a Yankee, but this is the same guy who left game five of the World Series in the second inning because of a bad back after shooting his mouth off about how great his conditioning was. Not to mention he got his teeth knocked out by a guy half his size in a diner fight.

But now his big mouth is getting him in trouble with commissioner combover.

Okay, Wells thinks Selig is an idiot. Who doesn’t? Wells disagrees with the sport’s steroid policy. Is he not allowed to?

Looks to me like there’s no free speech in MLB, and anyone who disagrees with Bud faces a fate worse than those who fail their steroid tests.

And what’s with the statement from Wells’ organization?

… the comments made by David today regarding the Commissioner of Baseball do not in any way reflect the views of the Club. The Club believes the Commissioner has demonstrated visionary leadership and integrity, and we recognize that his contributions to the game have been enormous. Thus, we apologize to the Commissioner.

What alternate universe are they living in?

Visionary leadership? Integrity?

Are we talking about the same person that:

-Acted as a team owner AND commissioner for 10 years?
-Let the 1994 strike pretty much just happen?
-Oversaw the bag job that allowed his friends to swap the Marlins for the Red Sox, while stiffing Boston charities in the process?

Sounds like Theo, Larry, et al. are bending over backwards to kiss Bud’s ass on this one.

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