Getting Dramatic For A Minute

On here, I’ve kind of been ignoring the big story that you can’t get away from anywhere else.

Maybe because to an extent, I really didn’t have anything new to say about Hurricane Katrina. It’s been a horrible event and one of America’s great cities will never be the same. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people have been ruined. It will take years and a lot of money to recover.

I have family in the area, most of them out of the city, but some still feeling the effects. My grandparents live about an hour north of New Orleans and haven’t had power or water all week.

Yesterday, I found out that my mother, who was in Texas on a business trip, got a rental car, filled it up with water, food and gas, and drove to my grandparents and intends to stay with them a few days. She and my grandparents are not in the immediate area feeling the brunt of the hurricane, but it just feels wrong that in this age of global telecommunications that I can’t contact them.

I know everything will be fine, but until I hear something, I don’t know what to think.

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