No more zeppelin cam, please!

Over the past two nights, the Yankees have been playing the Devil Rays. The games have been hard to watch, but not because the Devil Rays were ahead for most of the two games, but because of the YES network’s constant use of a blimp-cam.

I haven’t seen every pitch of the two games, but I caught most of them and it felt like every other camera shot was overhead from that damn blimp. And I’ll admit it was cool at first, and the last time they used it tonight, when Mariano entered from the pen (they took him all the way to the mound, then cut to a close-up of Hor-Hay handing him the ball while they piped in Enter Sandman from the stadium’s PA system). But overall, it was nauseating. I’ve often said that if I had the YES Network, I wouldn’t leave my house, but if they keep it up with the blimp cam, I’m going to go postal on that blimp.

Speaking of TV, thanks to djl, I’m now addicted to Lost. For me, it’s not on the Alias level (yet), mostly because it doesn’t have a Jack Bristow or Sloane. But talk to me at the end of this TV season after real life has had its affect on the fortunes of Alias.

And finally…back on a Tuesday in May, the director of another division at work came running (figuratively) to my group and said he needed us to start some urgent project. The due date was that Friday. We put together a workable version of what they asked for and presented it to them. But they didn’t check with their people as to what other content was needed and asked us to hold off on it. It went through some major changes and while they needed it done post-haste, they took their sweet time getting their act together.

Long story short, we sent out the project to a printer last week and got boxes of the item in early this morning. As much as I bitch about the news media, at least, for the most part, they know the meaning of the word deadline.

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