Here and there

So I’m back from my jaunt through southern Ohio. The trip was productive, even if the towns I passed through/stayed in were unspectacular.

The driving though, was fun. I was surprised by the number of interstate quality highways, especially U.S. 32. The best road (and of course, this was under optimal conditions), was OH-247 between Hillsboro and West Union. Lots of hills along that road, but still a fun drive.

Monday night, I caught the special three-hour Raw, and while it wasn’t enough to get me watching full-time again, it was an entertaining show. Two thoughts:

-Was it me, or did Koko B. Ware have Frankie stuffed?

-Did we really need to see the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man oops, I mean Shamu, oops (again) Triple H beat up Ric Flair for a whole 15 minutes? First of all, it made me want to throw up hearing Flair refer to Jean-Paul as the greatest wrestler ever, but then for JP to take out his roid rage on the Nature Boy was just a total waste of time. That’s one of the big reasons I don’t watch wrestling anymore.

I spent Monday night in Piketon. As exciting as it sounds. Tuesday night was in Jackson, where they have a Bennigans. I ate at said Bennigans. Don’t ask me how/why I remember this, but I also ate at a Bennigans the night Jack McDowell became the Yankee Flipper.

I succeeded with my two goals, catching Tuesday’s ALDS game one and making it home in time to catch Lost. I’m not worried about the Game 2 loss, but I’ll be much happier when the Yankees put the Angels behind them.

As for Lost: Damn, this show is addicting. It’s getting weird, but that’s what makes it fun.

I also caught Alias tonight, and damn, I would have never though Ted Williams was behind it all.

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