The season begins now

As my associate GR pointed out yesterday, the Yankees clinched the American League East title for the eighth straight year.

Yeah, they lost today, but I wasn’t really thinking they’d win with Wright on the mound. Obviously, I”m glad they’re in the post season. I had grown up watching the Yankees end their season in the regular season. And while for the past ten years, they’ve been in the post season, with their horrible start this year, I was looking at a possible return to the Octobers of my youth. (I’m beginning to sound poetic- I better stop). But the team pulled through and proved the naysayers wrong.

I really believe the Yankees made some serious mistakes last off-season (Womack, relying on Sierra as a fourth outfielder, one of Wright/Pavano). But they’ve gotten some great contributions from the usual suspects (A-Rod, Jeter, Matsui, Sheffield, Rivera), some suprises (Chacon, Small, the Rookie Invasion minus Melky) and one player who got off the crockpot and proved everyone wrong (Giambi). It’s been a fun season and I think this teams has 11 wins left in it.

For the next few days, I’ll be on the road for a work related trip throughout Southern Ohio. I have two goals:
-to catch ALDS game one on TV
-to make it back in time Wednesday night to catch Lost

See you when I get back.

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