The name is Bond. Jabroni Bond.

So Pierce is out.

I’m not sure that’s a good move. And I’m not sure replacing him with some unknown serious actor is a good move, either.

The other two times they hired unknowns- Connery, Lazenby, it worked out well. Solid actors, for the most part- just too bad Lazenby got an ego trip and couldn’t stick around.

But the last time they hired a “serious actor,” Dalton’s two movies were train wrecks. They hired Brosnan, who helped resurrect the franchise and now they’re tossing him like a bag of moldy tangerines. It’s like the producers have the Lazenby syndrome.

I’m willing to be wrong, but they’re going to have to pull a rabbit out of Odd Job’s hat for this one to work.

And in his immortal words:


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5 thoughts on “The name is Bond. Jabroni Bond.

  1. I would have to say that Daniel Craig is the best James Bond of all times.`.,

  2. i think that Daniel Craig is only second to Pierce Brosnan when playing the role of James Bond.~`

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