Whoomp, There It Is

So I’m back from a trip out to NJ for the wedding of one of the Civee’s cousins. It was a nice trip, and as an added bonus, I got to see my father.

But while driving through Bedminster NJ, I came across a building with no identification other than this:

THE World Headquarters

Well, rest assured. It’s THE World Headquarters. And it’s in Bedminster New Jersey. I never would have guessed that. But now you know.

Other things:

-The worst thing about the drive to New Jersey/New York is Pennsylvania- five hours of mountains bereft of any civilization. If it were up to me, I’d take out Pennsylvania, put it somewhere on the West Coast as a runway of sorts to Hawaii and zip up the borders of Ohio and NJ.

-To all DJs out there: Know your audience. I swear this DJ actually said “We’re going to play two more Latin songs before some regular music.” Thing is, during these songs, there was no one on the floor. No one at this wedding was looking to do the salsa or merengue.

Mmmmmm…salasa meringue.

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