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More Lost Thoughts “What Kate Did”

Okay, this isn’t a spoiler: I wouldn’t last a week on the island. Too many damn freakin mangoes!!

Now my thoughts:

Great episode. I really didn’t care much about the A-story, even though it was real good. What kept my interest was the Locke-Eko moments. Everything else was gravy. Mango gravy!

-I take it as a personal shout out Kate picking the mangoes in the first few minutes. Thank you producers!!

-Now that Sayid doesn’t need it anymore, it’s nice that he’s letting other people, especially the newly-reunited Jin and Sun use his tent ‘o love. Although- what happened to people moving up to the caves?

-I guess not everyone in the original section is as scared of an impending invasion of the Others as the tail section survivors were.

-I’m a bit surprised Michael hasn’t raided the weapon/ammo closet in the hatch and formed a commando team to rescue Walt.

-I’m beginning to think that the Marshal is responsible for the plane crash. He’s crashed everything else: the car this episode, the car in Australia, the car Kate’s boyfriend was driving in her other flashback episode.

-Charlie is annoying. That’s not new, just a recurring event.

-Did any one else think a bunch of Stormtroopers yelling “Open the blast doors!!” when Michael and Locke were talking in the hatch? No? Just me, then, I guess.

-The Locke-Eko scenes were great. Especially their sit-down with the Bible. And I didn’t think it was possible to out-Locke Locke, but Eko did it with the fate smackdown.

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