Juiced Up King

Well, I won’t be playing Major League Baseball next year.

Thanks to an allergic reaction caused by what I believe to be a fresh mango (it’s a member of the poison ivy family, after all), I’m now on steroids for a few days. I’m better now, though. But I have to finish up the pills or who-knows-what will happen to me.

Except for the mightily swollen lip caused by the reaction, it was a fun Thanksgiving. I hope everyone else out there had a great Thanksgiving too.

Back to work.

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7 thoughts on “Juiced Up King

  1. It’s not the steroids. It’s that you can’t hit a curveball.

    I’m glad to see you’re still alive & doing fine.

  2. djl: The shot…it was clear. The pills taste like ear wax.

    Barry: No thanks, chief.

    FrankDog!: Of course I can’t hit a curve ball. This steroids thing is just my excuse for not making it to the big leagues this year.

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