Now that was interesting

More Lost thoughts. “Another 48 Days”

Interesting idea for an episode- the whole thing being a flashback. I was a bit thrown off by the way the days progressed, but they had to do something to compress 48 days into 48 (now I’m being generous) minutes.

Didn’t see the swerve with Goodwin and Doctor Crackhead from Ed. I was sold on Doctor Crackhead being one of the ‘others.’ And I have a feeling that I wasn’t the only one.

I liked the finding of the hatch, but I would have liked to have seen another Orientation film.

I don’t hate Ana-Lucia as much as I used to- this episode was good at giving her sympathy.

And I have tto say it, but Eko rules. I think him and Locke should take over the world.

And why did Goodwin say the Others took the people from the beach because “they were good people”?

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