Cheers and Tears

Okay, cheezy title aside….

-Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez for winning the 2005 American League MVP award. Postseason aside (and he wasn’t the worst offender in that five-game stretch), A-Rod carried this team throughout the season. People are saying that he was the reason they lost the ALDS, but I say if it wasn’t for A-Rods performance from April-September, the Yankees wouldn’t have even been in the post season.

I shell out about $130 every year for the Extra Innings package from my cable company. Usually, it’s barely worth the price. But days like today make me glad to get it as I get to watch Rodriguez play on a day-to-day basis. I have a feeling he’s one of those players that I’ll be talking about like my father talks about Mickey Mantle.

Well, along with Jeter and Mo Rivera.

-My condolences to the family and friends of wrestler Eddy Guerrero. Guerrero was one of those special talents, great to watch in the ring, and while never the top guy in the industry, beginning with his entrance into the WWF, he was always one of my favorite guys to watch. One of the best moments in wrestling ever was this:

from WrestleMania XX, where both Guerrero and Benoit walked off champions. While both reigns were cut short, it was a well-deserved moment for two guys who have always been under-appreciated.

Rest in Peace, Eddy.

-And this happened last month, but I just found out that Nipsey Russell died. I never really saw anything outside of his appearances on Conan and re-runs on the Game Show Network, but he made me laugh. And he always seemed to be having a good time on the Match Game. RIP Nipsey.

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