when you are sealed in the voting cubicle, vote for me, Senator Ka… Bob Dole

So today is Election Day.

Go out and vote.

I’m kind of supposed to say that.

I’m just glad it’s almost over. With what I have to do, I’ll be really glad when it’s over.

A few things bug me about this time of year:

-What’s with the yahoos who stand around on-ramps and intersections waving signs for candidates? Do they really think I’m going to vote for candidate Lipschitz just because I saw a bunch of people waving a sign of his as I was fighting traffic on my way home? Politicans definitely need to give voters more credit.

-Another thing I don’t like it the calls. In the past four days, I’ve gotten about 12 recorded phone calls, some from the same candidate. This just annoys me. And some times they’re not from a local candiate, but from a “famous” person, whose opinion should “matter to me.” I’ve gotten messages from John Glenn, Sherrod Brown and John Edwards (not the psychic guy, but the failed vice presidential candidate who didn’t know when to give up). Of these three, Edwards particularly annoys me- and it’s not much better when you have to hear his voice over the phone.

But I was also disappointed by the calls from Glenn and Brown, both of whom (in seperate calls) urged me to “end the culture of corruption in Columbus.” Both of them should know better- especially because:

a) they fought against similar proposals when their party was in power
b) these issues don’t have anything to do with “corruption,” but trying to make up for the fact that they’re not happy with the way the last few elections have turned out

It really frustrates me how stupid they think we are.

Anyway, that’s enough political talk for me. This political moment was brought to you for the King Tom for King Kingatorial Committee.

By the way, I never thought Rivers would do an interview with Elle Girl magazine, but:
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