Oh happy day!

For a Yankees fan, today is like Christmas, Independence Day and St. Swithin’s Day all rolled into one.

The Yankees finally got rid of Tony Womack, the most useless (or least useful) Yankee in a long time. They sent Womack and $900,000 to the Reds.

But the best part of it is that they got something in return. They got two living, breathing people with two arms and two legs (each!) who have some experience playing baseball.

It’s not Sparky Lyle for Danny Cater, or Roberto Kelly for Paul O’Neill and Joe DeBerry, but it’s something.

This is truly a great day.

I should make one of my New Year’s resolutions not to make fun of the Reds(*).

*This offer excludes current management (who actually traded for Tony Womack), Tony Womack, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Ken Griffey Jr., Ken Griffey Sr., Johnny Bench and a certain Reds fan who likes to disparage the Yankees just to get on my nerves.

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