I’m drawing a line down the middle of this room…

…you stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine. D’oh!

Two weeks of Lost in a row- we’re spoiled

So we find out why Jack’s not married anymore, Michael goes insane and Beardo draws a line in the sand. But most importantly, tension returns to the Island.

I was suprised that Michael didn’t go insane earlier. A bit more surprised that Ana-Lucia and Sayid, the two people with military/police experience weren’t invited along on the expedition.

Nice to see Jin listening to Sun for a change- but I expected him to take off in the middle of the night.

Jack’s story was interesting, but boring. I mean, his flashbacks always seem like they take forever. It was boring until his wife’s revelation that she cheated on him. But he needs to drop the grade-school pouting he does whenever he sees Kate.

The showdown with Beardo (I’m betting he’s also the guy from the Dharma flick) was interesting, but it didn’t really explain anything. Two interesting bits:
-The WWII-era gun he had pointed at Kate’s neck. I have a feeling they mainly cornered the hunting party to get their Vietnam-era assault rifles. (Although, if they are the people behind Dharma, don’t they have the same weaponry).
-“Bring her out, Alex”? As in the kidnapped spawn of crazy French chick?

I bet I’m not the only person asking that last one.

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