Lighten up Rudy

Another two hours of 24, thank you Fox!

After getting four hours of 24 in the last day, now Fox has decided to make us all wait another week. Damn savages.

-If Logan were really president, I’d quit and move to Pago Pago or something.

The dude who plays the Russian President looked familiar. Well, there’s a reason for that. Nick Jameson has been in everything: Lost, Seinfeld, Alias. It also looks like he’s been a voice actor in every Star Wars video game made since 1993.

-How many times are they going to use the phrases “data mine” and “real-time updates”? I counted at least three uses of data mining in the first three hours.

-The guy who the psycho first lady took the key card from didn’t even wash his hands. He handed her the card and she put it in her mouth. Don’t they know that’s what got Poppy in trouble?

-Okay, he may have saved the day, but is it me, or has everyone on this show who’s come over from Division been the world’s biggest asshole? It must be something in the water. I actually felt bad for Buchanan, who I was starting to like.

-Back-to-Back episodes (much lesss ones that run the next day) don’t need the amount of previouslies these two episodes have had.

-If I were Jack, I’d be a bit disappointed in the way people are greeting me/him. The guy returned from the dead after a year and a half, and people are like “what’s up, bro?”

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