Jack’s Back Home

So there’s good news about this season of 24:

I usually tune in a few minutes early. This season, I don’t have to watch the last few minutes of American Idol.

Of course, there’s a corollary to this: I’m stuck watching the last few minutes of Skating with Joey from Full House Celebrities (an exaggerated term).

With no big action pieces this hour, this was a classic linking episode allowing them to take their time and tell a story. Usually, in the past, these episodes seem long- because they aren’t racing to get anywhere. But for some reason, this hour felt like fifteen minutes.

Part of me thinks that they’re building up Curtis for something big. For two seasons in a row, he’s been in action hero mode. If they’re ever going to kill off Jack, or have him retire, I can see Curtis taking over the show. Of course, realize this is 24 and he could be dead six hours from now.

-Curtis: “Tighten up on that camera” What?! Is Curtis a long-lost member of Archie Bell and the Drells?

-I think Jean Smart is now the First Lady of Cleavage.

-Nice to see Clohe and Edgar have their chemistry back. Both of them socially awkward, but they deal with each other beautifully.

-I can actually tolerate Audrey this season. Maybe because she’s been set dressing and hasn’t had the chance to get all emotional.

-That one scene where Jack walked in to CTU for the first time. I think that’s how the show’s extras all react every day when Kiefer walks on set. Just a theory, though.

-Jack’s new woman (Diane?) to Audrey: “I accepted him for who he was.” I believe the appropriate follow up to this statement is “Oh Snap.”

-So Clohe talks to herself. Does she talk to herself the way she talks to other people?

-Looks like they have really comfortable chairs at the CTU workstations.

-Jack and the kid share a touching moment. Didn’t they do this last episode?

-Jack’s last line: “I’ll go see him myself.” I think Walt Cummings has between two and five hours left to live.

One thing about this season, and I could be wrong here, but I’m guessing the reason Walt is bad is because he’s stringing the terrorists along, so that CTU can save the day at the last possible moment. But he’s not telling the president, because the president would flip. Of course, doing this would make a weak president look strong and build up Cummings’ power as well.

Decent idea for a plot, but didn’t they do something similar on day two? I’m kind of hoping that I’m wrong.

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