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A very dramatic episode of Lost that didn’t do much for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still a good episode, but this isn’t one that I’d go back to watch again and again. The dream imagery (especially St. Hurley) was great, and I loved the Locke smackdown at the end, but for some reason, I’m not that interested in Charlie.

So sayeth dude.

-Eko is still the coolest character on the show. If I were there for that long, I would also be marking the trees I liked.

-Those stitches to Charlie’s face had to have hurt. (Isn’t that what Homer named his fourth child- Stichface?)

-One dissappointment to this episode: I thought there was some rule that any drama/comedy about English rockers had to include the three words bollocks, shite and wanker. I only counted one of the three.

-Nice shout-out to Voltron in the beginning. As a kid, I had the full sets of Voltrons 1 and 3- the bootleg Chinese versions, which were far superior to the American versions. (I also had two-thirds of Voltron two, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it).

-Geez, that place is like junior high! “Are you hitting that?” and Sawyer/Hurley’s shout-out to Libby. You kind of forget these people are adults after a while.

-It’s been set up early on that Jack and Locke have opposite personalities. Throw Eko in there, and you have something totally different. My thing is, none of them showed any type of forgiveness toward Charlie or opportunity toward redemption. I’m sure that Charlie could have a shot at redemption in the future, but you’d think with those three dominant, yet opposite personalities, that one of them would extend some type of forgiveness to Charlie.

-And I probably said this last week- but I thought everyone moved up to the caves.

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