The guy on the island you don’t want to mess with

It’s ba-ack!

Well, I’m glad they ran that clip show. I almost forgot what show I was watching.

I liked how they got right into the story. Here I was, thinking they were going to drag it out.

As much as I liked Eko’s character before, I think he’s even better now. Unlike Locke, who sees the island as an opportunity, Eko is a sinner seeking redemption- and by finding the plane, who knows, maybe he thinks he found it.

I think it’s interesting the way they’re setting him up as a paralell to Locke- both of them are the only two to have a staredown with the “monster,” although we don’t know if Eko thought what he saw was beautiful.

By the way, interesting monster. I was seeing things in the smoke, but I wasn’t sure of what it was. They probably could have waited to show it, but they still haven’t explained it.

Best line: “Or what, you’ll beat me with your Jesus stick?”

Charlie didn’t bug me as much as he has been.

The Sawyer/haircut bit was humorous. About time they address personal grooming, says I!

It was quite gentlemanly of Hurley to help the new chick out with her tent. But was it just me thinking he did it because he knew what happened when Sayid made the tent for Shannon?

And what gives with everyone being on the beach? I thought they were all living in the caves.

Why did they have to use a full jar of Dharma-brand Ranch Dressing for target practice? I doubt they have an unlimited supply of the stuff.

And I found this a few days ago, but I was saving it for the next Lost posting. It’s pretty creepy, but way cool: Dharma jingle/score similarities

This post was brought to you by Dharma-brand ranch dressing…mmm-mmmm! Dharma Brand Ranch Dressing…always goes down smooth! And now 98% fat free!

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